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It’s the end of SHA-1 and I feel fine

Getty Images/iStockphoto Since then, SHA-1 has been used in numerous secure applications. These include web Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, encrypted communications, and code revision control systems such as Git. But, even as it was being widely used, some SHA-1 implementations were being cracked. Experts soon realized it was only a ...

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First Look at IMAX’s VR Experience Centre

IMAX is going all in on virtual reality, with its first flagship consumer-facing IMAX VR Experience Centre opening its doors in Los Angeles earlier this year. Five more are planned for 2017 in locations like New York City, the UK, and China, with an eye on Japan, the Middle East, ...

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Google’s Collision Shakes Up Computer Cryptography

Google researchers have engineered an extremely rare and invisible collision, but they didn’t need the Large Hadron Collider to do it. That’s because their collision isn’t atomic, it’s cryptographic: after years of trying, Google found a way to crack the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function, a security building block that enables ...

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Samsung to conduct UK’s first 5G trials with Arqiva

Samsung today announced that it’s going to conduct the United Kingdom’s first 5G trials with a focus on Fixed Wireless Access in collaboration with Arqiva. The purpose of this trial is to demonstrate 5G’s potential to serve as an alternative to fibre deployment for fast broadband services. “Our trial with ...

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Official Galaxy S8 cases possibly leaked

We still have to wait for about a month or so before Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S8. A purported live picture of the handset was leaked recently and it may have provided us our first proper look at the upcoming flagship. We saw in that leaked picture that ...

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Samsung acquires Perch, makers of DIY home monitoring software

The makers of do-it-yourself home monitoring software that repurposes old smartphones into security cameras, has announced that Samsung Electronics has acquired it. Perch’s whole team will join Samsung to help them in developing “next-generation IoT products.” Since Perch emerged out of the Samsung Accelerator Program (now called Samsung Next) a ...

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PC Zone

Gigabyte Announces AM4 Ryzen Support

Gigabyte announces the rise of the AORUS Gaming Series Motherboards on the New AM4 Ryzen Platform from AMD. The AM4 Platform will host the X370, B350 and A320 Chipsets which all support the Ryzen CPUs. GIGABYTE will have all three chipsets available, each fully optimized for CPUs with 8-Cores and 16 ...

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Fifa 17 – PC System Requirements

fifa 17

Today we will take a look at the system requirements of fifa 17. We will talk about both the minimum and recommended system requirements. If you are into football you already know about fifa 17 and there isn’t much to explain. But this time if you are a fifa fan ...

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Mobile Zone

Galaxy S8 signup page appears with phone design hint

The Galaxy S8 signup page has leaked, with only the words “Unbox your phone” and “sign up to be among the first to know about the Next Galaxy.” What’s most interesting, though, about the Galaxy S8 signup page is the phone design trace that we’re given. This same design looks ...

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GoPro: Snapchat Spectacles updates

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat just made its own version of google glass and it’s coming soon to the faces of millennials. The company behind the popular messaging service created a pair of sunglasses with the building camera designed to wirelessly transfer video clips to the snapchat app. The glasses are called spectacles, they ...

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HTC 10 – Review

Today we’re taking a look at the HTC 10 Review and definitely a great start for HTC in 2016. But is this enough to keep up with its competitors? In my opinion, HTC’s last two offerings weren’t all that great, but this year we have a refreshed design some new ...

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iPhone 7 Review

  A lot has changed in the nine years since the original iphone was released and yet the iphone 7 is still recognizably an iphone. Compared to last year’s model Little has changed save for the new glossy jet black coloring the removal of two antennae bands and of course ...

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