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Fifa 17 – PC System Requirements

fifa 17

Today we will take a look at the system requirements of fifa 17. We will talk about both the minimum and recommended system requirements. If you are into football you already know about fifa 17 and there isn’t much to explain. But this time if you are a fifa fan you must be really excited about the Frostbite engine and graphics and also the new journey mode in fifa 17. Also as we go through the system requirements you can watch a bit of fifa 17 gameplay in the background.

To be honest fifa 17 has much better graphics than fifa 16. It was expected as the game was also built on the Frostbite engine which is commonly used on the Battlefield series. So with better graphics you will also need some sort of better pc to run the game maxed out at 1080p compared to previous games.


Minimum CPU requirements:

Intel Core i3 2100 clocked to 3.1 Ghz and

AMD Phenom II X4 965 clocked at 3.4 Ghz.

Intel core i3 2100 is a second generation dual core processor with hyper threading. AMD Phenom II X4 965 on the other hand is a quad core CPU. The beta had a few problems running on dual core CPUs and if you are looking to pre order fifa 17 make sure you have something like a core i3 or better.

For RAM the minimum and recommended is 8 gigabytes. Pretty much everyone has 8 gigabytes of memory and this shouldn’t be a problem.

For hard drive you will need 30 gigabytes of free hard drive space. So the required hard drive space is doubled compared to fifa 16.

For minimum GPU requirements you have Nvidia’s Gtx 460 and AMD’s R7 260.

The minimum GPU requirements for fifa 17 is almost similar to the Fifa 16 recommended GPUs. So you can predict that the game is much more GPU intensive and has much better graphics compared to Fifa 16.

The Gtx 460 is slightly slower than the Gtx 750 and the R7 260 is pretty similar in performance

compared to the newer R7 360. So although the game will be much more demanding to run compared to fifa 16 it has a very low system requirements compared to other triple a titles.


Recommended system requirements:

For CPU the recommended system requirements are Intel Core i5 3550k clocked to 3.4 GHz and AMD Fx 8150 clocked to 3.6 GHz.

Intel core i5 3550k is a 3rd generation quad core unclocked CPU. On the other hand AMD’s Fx 8150 is a octa core CPU. So as far as recommended CPU requirements is concerned its not very high compared to

most triple A titles in 2016.

For recommended GPUs Nvidia’s Gtx 660 and AMD’s R7 270.

Gtx 660 is slightly faster than the Gtx 750ti.

On the other hand, you have AMD’s R9 270 which is very close in performance compared

to R7 370. So compared to previous fifa games fifa 17 has much higher system requirements. But comparing to most other triple A titles in 2016 the system requirements are not too high.

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