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GoPro: Snapchat Spectacles updates

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat just made its own version of google glass and it’s coming soon to the faces of millennials. The company behind the popular messaging service created a pair of sunglasses with the building camera designed to wirelessly transfer video clips to the snapchat app. The glasses are called spectacles, they come in three colors and they claim to take a day’s worth of footage on a single charge.

But there’s something unique about the video no matter how someone holds the phone the video will play the right side up in full-screen snapshot. Also renamed itself to simply snap incorporated since the company expanded beyond the snapchat app. There’s no release date yet the company just says it’s launching soon.


These point of view cameras are similar to a google was going for, when it worked on google glass but it was criticized for being creepy since it could record video anywhere, and people who wore them were seen as elitist added touch nerds also known as glass holes these spectacles could face similar pushback when it comes to privacy. That is unless it ends up being a product people just used to capture point of view video for special moments such as having fun with your kids are doing sports.

Surely the folks that GoPro can’t be too happy about a new product that makes it easy to take point of view action shots. We will maybe see them action very soon.


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