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HTC 10 – Review


Today we’re taking a look at the HTC 10 Review and definitely a great start for HTC in 2016. But is this enough to keep up with its competitors? In my opinion, HTC’s last two offerings weren’t all that great, but this year we have a refreshed design some new features and probably enough to make this a poor the purchase. So here’s what’s new and important HTC stepped it up into the big leagues.

This year as far as the HTC 10 display is concerned. It’s back in 5.2-inch QHD display that definitely looks crispy and colorful. It’s just nice to finally have a screen higher than 1080p on an HTC smartphone. Now with that screen upgrade we have like it’s dragging 820 processors and 4 GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly but enough with specs because on the inside it’s basically every other 2016 flagship out there.

One thing that HTC has struggled with over the years is camera performance, and the good news is this is the best camera HTC has put on a smartphone. The bad news is that it’s not the best camera on a smartphone, with his 12-megapixel shooter optical image stabilization laser autofocus and a dual
LED flash. There’s a lot to be excited about at least until you compare it with other
recent smartphone cameras. Don’t get me wrong it’s not surprising, but it’s not the best in the business I was
hoping for something that would blow off my socks this year, but sadly it seems the HTC has taken a much better but similar path as before.
Again don’t take this as a negative aspect because this camera is capable of some good shots. I was just expecting better the 5-megapixel front camera does have a new trick up its sleeve though this year we now have optical image stabilization.
On the front camera which is perfect for low-light selfies video and any other activities, you might get into.

One great feature HTC is known for stereo front-facing speakers, and unfortunately those are gone this year instead we have one speaker hidden away in the ear piece that kind of acts as a tweeter and another on the bottom. Which effectively handles base and the combination of the two is great, but nothing beats the direct sound that you get from front facing speakers. So sadly the boom sound we all know and love has been replaced with something that is subjectively better but not as appealing to me but these are good nonetheless, and if you’re a fan of music you’ll want to stick around to find out.

I mentioned this year we have a refined design it’s nothing groundbreaking but honestly like what do you expect HTC. Already had great designs going on for years now and this is just the icing on the cake. It’s all aluminum its sleek feels great in the hand and finally the button placement is legit specially the power button which has a nice texture, and is easily found this time around but if plain jane isn’t good enough for you.

This year HTC took a step back with software as well you won’t find a bunch of unnecessary apps that do the same thing. If there is a Google app available for a task you will not find an HTC version at least for the most part but honestly the software isn’t much to brag about, but that is not a bad thing it’s a very clean experience fluid snappy and more stock like than ever.

HTC also added a fingerprint scanner because well it’s 2016 and that’s what most of us expect but don’t worry it’s been working great form, and along with that, there’s also expandable storage on the 10 which can handle up to 200 gigabyte SD cards.

As well as for battery life we have a three thousand milliamp hour non-removable battery which holds up pretty well it’s nothing amazing, but I was getting on average four to four and a half hours of screen on time which definitely holds up to today’s standards. The good news is that you can charge up to fifty percent of the battery in 30 minutes with the included USB type-c cable and quick charge three-points out.

The question is should you even bother with this phone? You know I think the HTC 10 is a fantastic smartphone, but there are a few things that people want and need in a flagship. Need a great camera solid battery life and a nice design, and while HTC marks the boxes in some areas is not the best phone that you can buy for seven hundred dollars off contract.

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