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iPhone 7 Review


ipA lot has changed in the nine years since the original iphone was released and yet the iphone 7 is still recognizably an iphone.

Compared to last year’s model Little has changed save for the new glossy jet black coloring the removal of two antennae bands and of course the headset jack. It has to be said though that the jet black model feels fantastic in hand not cold like the metal back models but warm and comfortable.

This year it’s the internals that has changed mostly the phone has ip67 rated water and dust resistance and twice the storage of the iphone 6s, and although the home button on the front looks the same. It isn’t rather than be a clickable physical switch it uses the pressure sensitive technology found in the new MacBook’s trackpad. It’s a little mysterious, to begin with, but takes a small time to get used to, in some ways it even feels better.

The display is good but not much noticeably better than last year. That’s a little brighter, and colors look great. As usual, the extra battery life is a welcome addition though and is capable of getting to the end of a work day with heavy use. And an apple watch connected it should easily get most people through a full day and as you’d expect from Apple.

The camera quality is good to it focuses quickly and easily takes pictures in a split-second, Gives you results with plenty of color and detail even without the best lighting Conditions, and that’s thanks to the addition of optical image stabilization.

As for software its iOS 10 which comes loaded with the new messages app for sending pictures stickers animations and effects. As well as the new widgets screen to the left of your home screen all the layers and screens glide around effortlessly, thanks to the quad-core 8m processor which is also partly to thank for.

The new found battery performance, on the whole, it’s a modest upgrade to last year. If you have success is probably not worth upgrading unless you want the jet black model or the water and dust resistance. Anything older than that though and this is going to feel like a fantastic upgrade.

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