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Android Gmail App Can Now Send Money

Owe someone money? Google wants to make it a little easier to settle your debt. The Web giant on Tuesday announced that Google Wallet is now integrated with the Gmail app for Android, offering an easy way for you to send and receive money. The integration means you can now ...

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Microsoft updates Cortana for iOS with a fresh look

Pic Credit: Blair Hanley Frank Microsoft gave its Cortana app for iOS a facelift Friday, replacing its old black and blue aesthetic with a new look that puts the assistant’s key features at users’ fingertips. The app now features Quick Actions, so that users can tap a couple buttons and ...

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6 things you might not know about the LG G6

The G6 was the big news at Mobile World Congress, and surely you’ve already heard all about its headline features: the small bezels, the 18:9 aspect ratio screen, the sealed battery. But now that we’ve spent a little more time with the G6, we’ve found a few things that you ...

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Do We Know Everything About The Galaxy S8 Lets See

Credit: Samsung/@evleaks Now that the dust has settled from Mobile World Congress, we can turn our attention to the next big thing: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 event. Samsung opted to skip its usual Barcelona unveiling, but it won’t be too much longer until we can get our hands on the most ...

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